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Nak Muay Gym. An authentic Muay Thai School in King of Prussia, PA. Learn the art of Thai Boxing. Become a student and improve the quality of your life. Here at the Academy, Muay Thai is not just something you do. It will become a philosophy of living outside the school and in your daily existence. This is living the martial way. And the benefits of our programs will last you a lifetime. Nak Muay Gym is the official Philadelphia representative of Team Sityodtong-USA.Muay Thai Thailand

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Muai Thai


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 At the Nak Muay Gym, we preserve the TRUE art of Thai style boxing. In our muay thai classes, you will learn the traditions, techniques, philosophies and drills used by professional Thai fighters. You will learn proper foot work, body mechanics, punching, kicking, elbows, knees, and clinching techniques. This is a step by step learning process that will start at the most basic level. Our specially designed, level based progression system will enable you to advance as your skills increase. We are experts at taking an absolute beginner, to a mastery level student.

Muay Thai is also a great martial art for SELF DEFENSE. It can be an empowering feeling to know what you study, WORKS!

If your a beginner… that’s great! We SPECIALIZE in working with BEGINNERS. 90% of our student base are people who have never studied a martial art before. If you are a person who does have experience… that’s great too! We offer the same benefits that the more traditional arts has to offer. It’s a LIFE CHANGING experience! Every class is conducted in a SAFE and FUN learning environment. MEN, WOMEN and children over the age of 12 are all encouraged to participate. Muay Thai classes are fun for the whole family!

Nak Muay Gym opened in Bucks County in 2006.

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Our Muay Thai lineage and teachings remain authentic and accurate. We are unlike most other Muay Thai Gyms in the area. At Nak Muay Gym, you will learn “Thai Style” Boxing. Many other establishments are merely Kickboxing or Karate Schools trying to jump on an increasingly popular martial art. These individual school owners have NOT put in the real passion, dedication, and countless hours of training it takes to legitimately learn the art. We are different.  All of our staff members have extensive knowledge of Thai Culture, Thai Customs, Thai History, and the sport of Muay Thai as a whole.

Come train in our Authentic Muay Thai program!

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Some of the Benefits...

  • Increase your coordination and balance
  • Learn a proven, effective martial arts style for sport or for self-defense
  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase your strength and agility
  • Learn the striking style so many UFC fighters are now scrambling to learn
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Add techniques to apply to a current martial art you may be learning
  • Immerse yourself as a martial artist and learn the culture, history, and methods of professional Thai boxers.
  • Have fun in a safe learning environment
  • Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • A great balance to the Jiu Jitsu classes


We at Nak Muay Gym, are proud affiliates under the direct tutelage of the Sityodtong Boxing Camp in Pattaya Thailand and Sityodtong Boston. You are guaranteed to have an authentic Muay Thai training experience here at Nak Muay Gym


In Loving Memory of Grand Master Kru Yodtong Senanan. His legacy continues to live through the hearts and minds of all our students. We are so very proud of our Muay Thai lineage and will continue to pass on his teachings and philosophies.   Rest in Peace  2/8/2013

Dr. Kru Yodtong Senanan was born seventy-seven years ago in the Banpong province of Thailand.  Two hundred and fifty kilometers south east of Bangkok. From a very early age, Dr. Yodtong was fascinated with all forms of fighting. As he grew into a man, he eventually became the best and most well known teacher of Thai Boxing in all of Thailand and around the world. He was appointed by the country of Thailand as the national conservator of Thai Boxing and was individually most responsible for promoting Muay Thai throughout the world.

WorldMMA Lineage

Dutch legends such as Rob Kaman and Ramon Dekkers,  and anyone who is anyone in the Muay Thai world, has made the pilgrimage and have gone to train with Dr. Kru Yodtong at his camp. Kai Sityodtong, or student of Yodtong is the name of his camp. These great fighters traveled a great distance to learn Muay Thai from the master himself. It is way more than just a muay thai training camp, it’s a right of passage among foreign fighters that symbolizes that they have come of age in the Muay Thai world.

Dr. Yodtong believed that all forms of fighting is “a science, which should be studied and ultimately mastered.” Dr. Kru Yodtong Senanan’s world famous Muay Thai Boxing Camp, Sityodtong, is located 150  kilometres south of Bangkok, just on the outskirts of the city of Pattaya in the district of Banglanmung.

Dr. Yodtong was a great humanitarian. He provided for many orphaned boys in his gym with their every possible need. he would feed them, provide living accommodations, clothing and of course muay thai training. Even though not all of the boys at his camp became good Muay Thai fighters, Dr. Yodtong still let them stay as he continued to look after them and send them to school for an education . He believed it was his obligation to help the boys when they didn’t have anyone else to turn to.

kru yodtong2

Dr. Kru Yodtong had a passion for Muay Thai Boxing since he was very young. When Yodtong was a boy, the sport of Muay Thai was very dangerous. Children weren’t allowed to compete in until they were 15 years old. For many of his early years, Dr. Yodtong would go to the different Muay Thai camps in his area and just stand there and patiently watch and study the other children who were  training.

Dr. Yodtong finally started to begin training when he was 14 years old. He had his first bout shortly after he turned 15 years old. His fighting name at that point in time was Erawan Detprasit Banpra. Dr. Yodtongs real name is Erawan Sriwaralak , the name Detrprasit was the name of his camp, and Banpra was the name of the stadium where he often competed.

Dr. Yodtong continued to fight professionally until the age of 21 years, after this time Yodtong was in semi-retirement, but would still fight if the money was right. In total, Dr. Yodtong had fought in 49 bouts. In those times, fighters in Thailand did not fight as often as they do today. 49 fights at that period in time would be equal to about a 100 fights by a fighter of today’s times.

Kru Yodtong

By the time Dr. Yodtong turned 17, he had changed camps and took the name of his new camp, Senanan, Muay Thai fighters will often replace their family name with the name of their camp. In this case, Dr. Yodtong replaced his family name of Sriwaralak). It was at his new camp that Dr. Yodtong first began instructing the other fighters in the art of Muay Thai. It was very apparent to everyone that Dr. Yodtong had a very special gift for teaching the art of Muay Thai Boxing.

After training several champions for the gym, Yodtong realized that instead of working for the manager of the gym, he should start his own gym, and this is exactly what he did. Thus, Yodtong built his first gym in 1960 at Mabtaput, which is in the province of Rayong, located south of Pattaya. Yodtong stayed at Mabtaput for approximately fifteen years until it was time to move and expand to an even bigger Muay Thai camp, which he did at Naklu.

Due to the large number of fighters training with Yodtong he had the need to change his camp yet again. This time Yodtong purchased several acres of land at Banglamung province, ( which is just a few kilometres from Pattaya ) and built the current Sityodtong Muay Thai Boxing Camp, (although the present gym is on the original property, the original gym was moved six years ago to it’s present site).

Kru Yodtong

The Sityodtong Camp became the envy of other managers and fighters alike throughout Thailand. The fighters that live and train at Sityodtong have all their needs met there, and are not distracted by outside influences like other fighters in Bangkok. At the camp the fighters live in either the dormitories or one of the several houses on the property, depending on how successful they are in the ring. Also a full time cook is employed to create specific meals for the fighters. The fighters don’t have to worry about anything except training hard and winning fights.

In Thailand Muay Thai is not just a sport it is a science, and Yodtong believes that to really study and learn Muay Thai, it cannot be done on a part time basis, but requires years of full time dedication and intensive study. Maybe this full time commitment by the fighters at Sityodtong is the reason for their extraordinarily success. Sityodtong has produced a total of twenty-two Lumpinee Champions (Lumpinee is Thailand’s biggest and most prestigious fight venues) making it Thailand’s most successful Muay Thai Boxing camp ever.

Written by Damian Meyer – Australia

Legacy of Sityodtong

WorldMMA Yodtong Senanan

The legacy of the Sityodtong Payakaroon Boxing Camp began shortly after Kru Yodtong had established himself as a great Muay Thai fighter throughout major stadiums in Thailand.

While Kru Yodtong was still pursuing a career as a fighter, he would assist in the training and development of other future champions. It became apparent to everyone that Kru Yodtong had a very special gift for training fighters in the art of Muay Thai.

Kru Yodtong’s knowledge of the science of Muay Thai, gave him the ability to see things that most trainers could not. He went on to train several champions for the Sennanan Camp, before realizing he could produce his own champions for his own camp. So in 1960 he opened his first camp, the Sityodtong International Boxing Camp, and began to train fighters and students of Muay Thai. It was not long before Kru Yodtong had built a strong stable of fighters and a strong reputation for being a great trainer and manager.

Among his first few champions were two brothers, KongTolonee & Samart Payakaroon. They both held several Lumpinee Stadium titles and world titles in both Muay Thai and Boxing. Their skill was unsurpassed and they dominated the Muay Thai world for many years. This gave Kru Yodtong and his Sityodtong camp, worldwide recognition.

The Payakaroon brothers played a huge roll in the exposure of Kru Yodtong. Their success brought Kru Yodtong the fame and popularity he deserved. Today Samart is still an international singer and actor. KongTolonee is still with Kru Yodtong, training the next generations of champions for the Sityodtong Camp. The legacy lives on, as Kru Yodtong continues to produce Muay Thai greats. Such as the late Samart II Chatchai Praisitong, Sanlium, Yodsaenchai, Dejpituk and many more!

Master Yodtong

Eric Karner with Master Yodtong and Kru Tia (2007)

 Q&A Most common questions…

1. “I have never participated in Martial Arts classes before. Is your program for me?”
Absolutely! At Nak Muay Gym we specialize in teaching beginners. Your experience level does not matter. Our friendly staff is here to guide you step by step through your learning process, at your own pace.

2. “What equipment do I need to get started?”
A pair of shorts and a T-shirt. That’s it! When you first start out, you will be learning the basic movements and body mechanics. This is the core foundation of Muay Thai. As you progress, you will then need some equipment.

3. “Will I get hurt in class?”
When participating in any physical activity, there is an inherent risk of injury. All our Muay Thai classes are conducted in the most safe environment possible. We realize people have to wake up and go to work the next day. And nobody likes to get hurt. Our drills are designed to get the most realistic training without the bumps and bruises!

4. “Do you offer sparring classes?”
Yes. But you must be proficient with the basics. Once you have proven you have mastered the basics, you will be welcome to spar if you choose to do so.

5. “How do the Muay Thai classes at Nak Muay Gym differ from other schools in the area?”
We pride ourselves with providing the highest level of professional instruction. Our exact detail in the techniques used, separates us from the competition. We have formulated a step-by-step curriculum designed to take a student from foundations level, all the way up to a mastery level. There is no other school in the area with a more detailed and structured learning program. Our instructors have all made the ultimate sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears, over many, many years. All our staff members have trained in Thailand, and fought both as amateurs and professionals. The material you will learn has been first hand “battle tested” in the ring. Our qualified group of instructors present the material in an accurate and correct manner. Muay Thai is our life! This is what we do everyday.

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“I live a healthier lifestyle overall”

I wanted to gain physical and mental confidence through learning Muay Thai. I had looked into many other schools and programs. When I began training at another school, I was not happy with their program because it was not well structured. 2 years ago, I switched Muay Thai schools and I am glad I have made this transition. I have gained confidence, lost weight, got healthier, and strengthened my body and mind.
I am now in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. Nak Muay Gym has motivated me to quit smoking, and I live a healthier lifestyle overall.

I love training here, and cannot wait to go every class!

Derya S.


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